1974 6cyl Manual in Newnan, GA

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Asking Price: $15,000

1974 newnan ga

Vehicle Features

  • Model Year: 1974
  • Odometer: 159,000
  • Engine: 6 cylinder
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Condition: Good

Ad Information

  • City/Area: Newnan
  • State/Region: Georgia
  • Contact Name: Jonathan
  • Phone: See Below
  • Email: See Below

More Details & Pictures

VIN: RLS30037937

First off, thanks for checking out my ad!

I know it’s long, but please read through it carefully, as I’ll probably cover a lot of questions you might have. Because this is Craigslist, I need to advise that payment on this car must be in cash accepted in person at my bank or an official bank check drawn up in my presence at your bank. I will not ship, I don’t need help selling it, and I’m not really interested in trades, except MAYBE a 300ZX twin turbo or a Toyota MR2 turbo (I’d be willing to trade with cash due on my end if the car is nice enough). Really, though, the whole reason I’m selling is because I have too many cars sitting around, and the Mrs. wants some of them gone. Price is OBO… I’m open to reasonable offers and am a motivated seller.

On to the car…

You’re looking at a very nice 1974 Datsun 260Z that has undergone some modifications. Odometer shows just under 59,000 miles, but considering its age, I would assume it has rolled over once. I was told it was originally sold in Texas to a flight attendant, and then purchased by a man here in Georgia who, based on the paperwork I have, appears to have kept it from the late 70s/early 80s all the way into the 2000s. The third owner (another Georgia resident) bought it while the second owner was in hospice care, and he had it just under ten years. He was an older gentleman who was having trouble getting in and out of it, and I stepped into the picture about two years ago when I purchased it. I’ve wanted an S30 chassis Datsun since I was a kid, and I was excited to find a nice one locally. The car has a clean Georgia title in my name.

The car in general…

This is a nice example of an S30. It’s not the coveted series one 240Z, but it’s an early production 260 that doesn’t have the massive bumpers of the later models. It drives great, and while it had quite a few minor gremlins when I bought it, I’ve spent A LOT of time going through it and getting everything right. Of course, because I’m an idiot, now that it’s the way I want it, I’m putting it on the market. As mentioned, though, some stuff has gotta go. It’s not a fully restored car, but it is a driver that people have taken care of over the years. It’s not a “numbers matching” car, either. I think of it as being kind of like older “outlaw” Porsche 911s; customization has been done, but it cherry picks the more desirable parts from later S30 chassis cars, so it’s still in the spirit and feel of what it was when it left the factory.

The modifications…

Engine: In 2010, the previous owner had a rebuilt 2.8 liter engine from a 280Z installed. It was built by a respected Datsun builder/mechanic named John Williams who has since passed away. Paperwork shows that it is a stock stroke engine bored 20 over with flat top pistons, a cam, and port work on the head. It’s an N42 block (from a 75 280Z) with an E88 head, putting compression just a little over 10:1. It has SU “round top” carbs for ease of maintenance and drivability. It has an upgraded Mallory electronic ignition setup as well, along with ceramic coating on long tube headers and the intake manifold.

Transmission: The car originally came with a four-speed, but it now has a five-speed from a 280. Paperwork shows that it was professionally rebuilt in 2017, and it shifts awesome.

Comfort/convenience: At some point aftermarket air conditioning was added, and it actually works! Puts out very cold air. I’ll admit that the blower motors sucks, though, even after I performed an upgrade from a Kia sportage. Still, it’s something, and just the way cars were “back in the day.” A CD player was installed at some point, with a two speaker setup located in the footwells instead of the original single speaker factory setup. The seats were redone, and a carpet kit was installed. It also has a tight fitting, high quality dash cap that, honestly, I didn’t even realize was there when I bought the car.

Maintenance: When I bought the car, a lot of things weren’t working, and there were some issues I discovered. I do a lot of car work (I’ve actually worked as a full time mechanic), and I’ve been pretty deep into it. I have:

– Pulled the motor and transmission to fix various oil leaks. I replaced the oil pan gasket and fabricated braces that fit around the pan to ensure that is stays leak free.

– I replaced the pilot bushing, rear main seal and “side curtain seals” within the engine.

– It had a small leak at the fuel tank when I bought it. I thought it was the tank, but turned out to be the sender. I put a new sender in it, and since I had the tank out anyway (which was in surprisingly good shape, btw), I cleaned and POR lined the interior of the tank, and also recoated the exterior of the tank and straps.

– While I had the engine and trans out, I replaced the clutch with an Exedy oem spec clutch (smooth, easy to use, and plenty for this car’s power output).

– I pulled the dash and went through everything carefully. I replaced all of the dash bulbs and fixed everything that was not functioning. The turn signals work, the hazards work, the dash lights and dimmer work, all gauges work, and even the old analogue clock works after I took it apart, cleaned, and lubricated it (even though it doesn’t keep the best time).

– All vent hoses for the fuel system were replaced, and the evap tank was recoated as well.

– I modified the console choke handle to mount to the transmission tunnel instead of the inside of the console. It looks stock and uses the factory slot in the console, but it make work much easier if you ever need to remove the console again. I also got the choke light working while I was at it.

– I installed new copper spark plugs and wires.

I have quite a few pictures documenting the above work, and I probably have receipts for most of the parts somewhere in my email (I order pretty much everything online).

The bad: Let’s be realistic- This car is over 45 years old, so it’s not perfect, although it’s definitely among the nicer S30s I’ve seen. Here’s what I can think of:

– The paint shows VERY well, but be aware it’s not the original color. Paperwork shows the second owner had it repainted in 1993 from the car’s original copper/brownish shade. There is some rust (as pictured) along the inside of the leading edges of the door jambs. It does appear to be surface rust only, but honestly, you just never know with these cars. The floor pans, trunk, firewall, inner fenders, and everywhere else on the car are solid, though! No pinholes or rust spots seems to be coming through on the paint. There are some small waves in the finish here and there, and a couple of spots with questionable finish work on the part of the paint shop. While it isn’t a concours car, it’s not a “ten footer,” either… It looks genuinely good; a nice driver that doesn’t leave you explaining a lot when people get a close look at it.

– The carpet kit the previous owner installed is of “meh” fitment and quality. The original tannish orange “diamond pattern” vinyl is still under it and intact, and I really thought about removing the carpet altogether and cleaning the vinyl up a bit. The carpet looks nice enough, though, so I just left it for the time being. I have also ordered new “Z” floormats to replace the generic rubber ones that are currently in it (should be here before the end of the week).

– The antenna doesn’t work. I might fix it still, but I stopped short of messing with it because I never listen to the radio when I’m driving this thing… The windows are always down and I’m listening to that inline six. It plays CDs fine if you’d rather do that, though.

– Fender mirrors were placed on the car by the previous owner, and I didn’t care for the ones he chose (I really don’t care for fender mirrors in general). I JUST replaced them with the ones in the pictures. They work well and look much better than what was on it, but they aren’t original by any means.

– And the above is really about it. I’ll update the ad if I think of anything else.

Finally, price. I’ll admit I’m not good at pricing an old car like this. I know what I paid for it, and I’d like to not lose my ass in the process of selling it. Interest and prices on these cars are on the rise, though, and this is a chance to buy a nice, driver quality S30 without getting into the 25k+ price range of the garage queens. I’m asking 15,000, but again, I am open to reasonable offers and motivated to clear up some space.

If you’re interested, feel free to email me through craigslist or call/text me at four-oh-four, five four seven, two-three-oh-five.

If you’ve read all of this, thanks. I try to be as thorough as possible.

– Jonathan

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